Welcome to the Educational home of brave people.

Welcome to the Educational home of brave people.

The activity of Educational Complex of Police of RA has been established since 1966, when the higher school of militia of Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic was created.

As a result of the ongoing reforms, in 2011 “Educational Complex of Police of RA” state non-profit organization was formed, including structural subdivisions Academy, College and Training Centre.

Educational Complex of Police of RA arranges higher vocational educational activity of two degrees: bachelor and master degree (full and part-time), organizes part-time PhD education, as well as educational projects concerning to the middle vocational educational projects.  

Learners of free based education of Educational Complex get fee of amount according to minimum salary of RA. According to the Law on Police of RA free based learners of academy are Police officers of RA. They are awarded with rank “Police Lieutenant” and appointed to relevant duties in the position of middle group as soon as graduating educational process.

Educational Complex has also training and attestation faculty, where it arranges training activity for police officers, as well as workers of other law enforcement agencies, and co-workers of positions specialized for Civil service.

Academy of Educational Complex of Police of RA realizes also full-time paid based educational project of bachelor degree on the profession “Law”. 

The professorial and lecturing staff of Educational Complex of Police of RA is equipped with highly qualified specialists, scientists from different fields of disciplines, as well as officers with multi-year practical experience of service in different police subdivisions.

Educational Complex of Police of RA closely cooperates with several police educational institutions of CIS, Europe, China, as well as is a member of four International police organizations.

Year by year the exchange projects are enhanced for professorial, lecturing and administrative staff, as well as learners of Educational Complex, in the framework of which mentioned staff participates as in scientific-practical conferences, as in training and retraining courses.

Educational Complex of Police of RA publishes trilingual scientific magazine “Bulwark of Law” and the official newspaper “I have the honor”.

Every year Educational Complex publishes scientific works, authored by the professorial and lecturing staff.