The specific world of exclusive educational center

The specific world of exclusive educational center

Educational Complex of Police of RA, being a police higher educational institution, is correlated also with art and culture, the events of which are held at the Club of Educational Complex with the participation of famous art workers and learners.

From the first point of view, two different fields: law and culture, are fused so harmoniously and beautifully that they accomplish each other like the reality, fulfilled with legal acts and lyrical, unreal dreams.

It is difficult to imagine, really?

But as soon as you enter the Educational Complex, you see that police officers also sing, play the piano, dance, draw, write and recite poems.

Learners like to participate in theatrical performances personally. They perform their roles so professionally that for a second it seems as if you are moved to other composed reality and you just experience the heroes’ feelings.

Creative learners of Educational Complex introduce their skills within the framework of competitions, related to drawing, photo, poetry, composition. Their creative skills are performed not only at the Educational Complex, but also at other republican events concerning to culture, entertainment, humorous projects.

It has become a tradition to conduct intellectual competition “Brain ring” through which our learners, besides the gained knowledge, prove their abilities to think logically and quickly.

The works of authors are published in the official newspaper “I Have the Honor”, also the poems of officers and learners of Educational Complex are published in the compilation, named “With the Wings of Dreams”.