What is CEPOL?


CEPOL is an agency of the European Union dedicated to develop, implement and coordinate training for law enforcement officials.

Since 1 July 2016, the date of its new legal mandate1, CEPOL’s official name is “The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training”.

What does CEPOL do?


CEPOL brings together a network of training institutes for law enforcement officials in EU Member States and supports them in providing frontline training on security priorities, law enforcement cooperation and information exchange. CEPOL also works with EU bodies, international organizations, and third countries to ensure that the most serious security threats are tackled with a collective response.

CEPOL constantly strives to offer innovative and advanced training activities by integrating relevant developments in knowledge, research & technology, and by creating synergies through strengthened cooperation.

CEPOL’s current portfolio encompasses residential activities, online learning (i.e. webinars, online modules, online courses, etc.), exchange programs, common curricula, research and science.


Reasons to study with CEPOL

  1. Learn about the latest developments and trends in the law enforcement field
  2. Learn from the experts
  3. Meet law enforcement professionals
  4. Share best practices
  5. Practice your language skills
  6. Join CEPOL’s online community to prolong your learning experience

Our expertise

CEPOL provides training and education on a portfolio of activities that are important in the fight against cross-border crime.

  • Counter-terrorism
  • Crime prevention
  • Economic crime
  • EU cooperation
  • EU policy cycle
  • Human rights
  • Law enforcement techniques
  • Learning and training
  • Management
  • Other organised crime
  • Research & science

CEPOL National exchange contact manager and National Contact Agency Representative is Deputy Head of Academy, PhD of Law, police lieutenant colonel Ruslan Marandyan.

CEPOL LEED National manager for Armenia is Head of International Cooperation and IT division of Police Educational Complex of the Republic of Armenia, police lieutenant colonel Grigori Davtyan.

Follow the link to be registered:

For additional questions turn to International Cooperation and IT division of Police Educational Complex of the Republic of Armenia,