Education Quality Assurance




Dear stakeholders, you have visited the informational platform of the Quality Assurance Department of the Educational Complex of Police of the RA.

A working group was set up in December 2015 to carry out quality assurance works at the educational complex and then in June 2017, the Education Quality Assurance Department was established as a separate unit.

The main aim of the informational platform is to publish full and unbiased information on our achievements and opportunities in the field of providing a high level of professional education.

The Platform is open and accessible to all the interested parties, and we are ready to accept any comments and suggestions on the activity and content of the Informational Platform.

This platform is the official information resource of the Educational Complex and reflects the activities undertaken in the field of education quality assurance, as well as it provides information to stakeholders on the issues of the entire quality management area. Quality assurance processes are based on Quality Assurance Standards and Guidelines of the European Higher Education Area and Vocational Education Accreditation Standards approved by the RA  Government’s Decision No. 959-N of June 30, 2011.