How to become a police officer

How to become a police officer?

There are professions that are right to call “mission”, as they have special role and significance. Being police officer, truly, is a mission, and not all people are able to carry the responsibility of wearing a strap, being courageous, vigilant and, in the case of necessity, enduring to publicly dangerous encroachments, without saving their own lives, undertaking the mission to be a police officer, realizing the duties with honor.  Thanks to them, the legitimacy, public order and public security are ensured in our republic.

One of the significant tasks of Police of RA is the preparation of knowledgeable and professional staff, and this responsible main duty is realized by Educational Complex of Police of RA: state higher education institution acting within Police of RA.

The structural subdivisions of Educational Complex are academy, which arranges higher education and PhD educational program, College, which arranges middle vocational educational program, Training Center, which arranges preliminary vocational educational program, as well as other subdivisions.

Educational Complex of Police of RA is enriched with professor-lecturing staff of high vocational qualities. The Educational Complex has also classrooms, accomplished with modern technical devices and specialized educational rooms.

Educational Complex closely cooperates with police educational institutions of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and European countries. 

The admission of applicants to Educational Complex of Police of RA is carried out on the competitive basis.

To the academy, college and training center (full-time free education) can apply the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, who have secondary education, passed compulsory military service (for male learners) up to 30 years old. The admission is realized within the framework of state order, except the cases related to the paid educational services. 

Within the framework of state order, arranged in Educational Complex, the learners during the whole period of education, get minimum monthly wage rate of the Republic of Armenia.

  • Academy

The Faculty of Law of the Academy of Educational Complex of Police of RA realizes full-time free educational program of bachelor degree of the specialty “Law”. The duration of study is 4 years. The graduates of the Faculty are handed bachelor degree, the rank of police lieutenant, and are appointed to the average police positions.


  • College

The College of Educational Complex of Police of RA realizes intermediate-level vocational full-time educational program in “Policing”. The duration of study is 2 years. The graduates of college are handed the rank of police lieutenant and are appointed to police average positions. 


  • Training Center

Training Center of Educational Complex of Police of RA realizes the specialty “Policing” of preliminary vocational educational program for three or six months. The graduates of Training Center are appointed to police junior positions.