June 9, 2014 – The RoA Police Educational Complex hosted a joint academic meeting attended by the RoA Police Educational Complex Scientific Department, the faculty and Professor Gevorg Danielyan, Doctor of Law, Head of the Chair of Constitutional Law, YSU Law Faculty, Nane Ghazaryan, Ph.D student of the Chair of Constitutional Law, YSU Law Faculty.

Mr. Danielyan gave a talk on “Boundaries of Administrative Action, Grounds and Conditions for Damage Compensation”, followed by a discussion about various issues of constitutional reforms.

Ms. Ghazaryan gave a talk on “Key Issues of Contemporary Language Policy in the Context of E-Governance”.

Mr. Danielyan and Ms. Ghazaryan responded to the questions posed by the academic staff of the RoA Police Educational Complex.

Mr. Danielyan was delighted to present his educational manuals on the aforesaid topics to the library of the Police Educational Complex.

Educational Complex of the Police RA

May 29, 2014- The intercollegiate conference on ''The Legal and Historical Problems of the First Republic of Armenia'' was held in the Police Educational Complex of the Republic of Armenia. Lieutenant general Hovh. Varyan, the Head  of  the Police Educational Complex of the Republic of Armenia, made a welcoming speech. Welcoming the participants, lieutenant general  Hovh. Varyan  noted  that  May 28  is  a special day in the history of  the Armenian  people. On May 28, 1918, the National Council declared about establishment of the independent Republic of Armenia. Аfter 543 years of break the Armenian nation restored its statehood. Such events are of great importance for history appreciation in educating generations.

The staff and representatives of Yerevan State University, Armenian State Pedagogical University  after  K. Abovyan,  the  National  Academy of Sciences  of  the  Republic  of  Armenia,  Police Educational  Complex  of  the  Republic  of  Armenia  as  well  as  Law  Faculty  students  of  the Police  Educational Complex  of  the  Republic  of Armenia  attended   the  conference.  Arthur Vagharshyan, doctor of law, professor, head of the Chair of  Theory  and History of State and Law of Law Faculty of Yerevan State University, made a speech on ''The formation of state power of the first Republic of Armenia''. A speech was made by Armen Asryan, candidate of historical sciences, Associate Professor of the Armenian History Chair of Armenian State Pedagogical University after K. Abovyan.  A  speech  was made  by  Rostom Sargsyan, candidate of economic  sciences,  professor  of the Chair of Social Sciences of the Police Educational Complex of the Republic of Armenia,  also  made a  speech  on “The militia of the first Republic of Armenia (1918-1920)”, Head of the New Ages Department, candidate in History Ruben Sahakyan from the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia made a speech on “Armenian police in the period of Van (May 7 to July 17, 1915)”, another speech on “May battles of the year 1918” was made by Edik Poghosyan, Associate Professor in Armenian State Pedagogical University after  K. Abovyan.

To sum up the results of the conference lieutenant general H. Varyan, the Head of the Police Educational Complex of the Republic of Armenia, thanked everyone for their  participation and valuable speeches, expressed confidence that the conference achieved its goals and would be the best example for future cooperation. At the end, the participants were awarded memorial medals and letters of thanks of the Police Educational Complex of the Republic of Armenia.


Educational Complex of the Police RA