“The Police Educational Complex of the Republic of Armenia” SNCO was established in 2011 as a result of the ongoing reforms in the RoA Police, the structural units of which are the Academy, College and Training Center.

Head of the RoA Police Educational Complex is the Police Major General M. A. Babayan.

The Police Educational Complex has two-level system of higher professional education: Bachelor's degree and Master's degree, implemented post-graduate education on a part-time in PhD, as well as training with middle-vocational and pre-vocational educational programs.

The RoA Police Educational Complex within the framework of state funded in the form of part-time implemented PhD program can apply the police officers and soldiers of police troops who have certified specialist or master's degree and minimum 2 years of police average, senior, high, highest group positions.

The Educational Complex also has the Faculties of Training and Attestation, where implemented the training process of police as well as other law enforcement bodies and special civil service positions holding officers.  

The teaching staff of the Police Educational Complex involves highly qualified professionals and scientists of different areas of science.

The Police Educational Complex is equipped with specialized labs and modern technical equipments.

The Police Educational Complex closely cooperates with police educational establishments of the CIS and some European countries. 


At the Academy of the Educational Complex is implemented education of higher professional training programs.

The structural subdivisions of Academy of the Educational Complex are:

  1. The Faculty of Law
  2. The Faculty of Police Troops Command
  3. The Faculty of Part-time education
  4. The Division of Master’s degree

The structure of Academy consists of 7 departments:

1. The Faculty of Law implements full-time education of Bachelor’s degree in “Law’’ paid and free of charge.

The course duration is 4 years.

The graduates of the Educational Complex Academy are awarded with qualification of lawyer and given state diploma.

On the accordance to the law of “Police Service of the RoA”, full-time, free of charge students of the Academy are considered to be police officers. Upon successful completion of the program the cadets are awarded with the rank of police lieutenant and appointed to the relevant medium-level positions of the RoA Police.  

Male students of full-time, free of charge courses do not have the right of extension provided by the law of “Military Service” of the RoA, paragraph 1 of Article 14, “a”.

          2. The Faculty of Police Troops Command implements training courses.

          3. The Faculty of part-time courses implements free of charge education of "Law Bachelor" degree on "Law" specialty in bachelor's degree program for the police officers.

          4. The Master’s degree Division implements full-time (free of charge) and part-time (free and paid of charge) training of Master's degree programs on “Law” specialty.

Applicants for Master’s degree program must hold a Bachelor’s degree in law.

Full-time, free of charge and part-time, free of charge courses can study only police officers, and part-time, paid of charge courses can study police officers as well as other applicants.

Full-time, free of charge course duration is 2 years, part-time course duration is 2.5 years.

The graduates of the Master’s degree program are awarded with "Law Master’s" degree on "Law" specialty and granted with state diploma.